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Apply For EIN (Employer Identification Number)
When organizing a new business there are many things to consider. Part of the organizational set-up process is getting a Employer Identification Number for your new business. This Employer Identification Number is part of your businesses permanent IRS record, so be sure the application it’s completed properly.  

To obtain your Employer Identification Number with the assistance of the IRS Help Center professionals, simply fill out the request form to the right (Schedule an Appointment) and you will be contacted within 24 hours.  

Our professional consultation includes: 

          1.  Personal consultation to determine proper business entity structure,                        employee status, tax status and entity start date. 

          2.  EIN application completion and submission to the IRS.

          3.  IRS EIN Acceptance letter mailed to your home or business.

The IRS Help Center fee for service is $39.95 (48 hour processing) or expedited services for $69.95 (24 hour processing). This fee is not due until the completion of the personal Employer Identification Number consultation. The IRS Help Center offers you complete peace of mind knowing that your personal information is handled with great care by a professional licensed  and insured Utah based tax firm. 

"IRS Help Center provided me with the information and service I needed to get my business started right.  I did not know the ramifications of the questions on  the EIN application until I talked to the tax professionals at the help center.  Now I know my business has been started right and that's a great feeling...."

Sara, Cedar Hills Utah